Accountability to the canadian people essay

The employee accountability definition is the responsibility of employees to complete the tasks they are assigned, to perform the duties required by their job, and to be present for their proper shifts in order to fulfill or further the goals of the organization. If tasks are not completed and functions of the job are not performed properly, then that employee will also be responsible for dealing with the repercussions. Examples of Accountability in the Workplace: Employees being present for their entire required shift Employees completing any tasks that have been designated to them Employees being responsible for the specific duties that go along with their job Employees being consistent in doing the right thing in all aspects pertaining to their job Employees working together towards a common goal for the busines Why is Workplace Accountability Important?

Accountability to the canadian people essay

Accountability is the essence of democracy and the democratic form of government. Accountability is the liability assumed by all those who exercise authority where there has been responsibilities delegated; ultimately, a liability owed to all citizens by the government and subsequently, every government department and agency.

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Since Canada is a representative democracy, it is responsible for good governance but accountable for its actions, whether or not the two coincide.

One of the most basic and fundamental principles of a democratic society is the government must be accountable to its citizens. Such accountability in Canada is exercised through parliamentary control.

Every minister is ultimately accountable for their portfolio to parliament and therefore in turn responsible to the Canadian electorate. The actualization of this responsibility is undertaken upon the assumption of office; however, it is not absolute.

Accountability to the canadian people essay

Power may be revoked in a number of ways, but the most fundamentally democratic way is by way of ballot box Kersell, p. Therefore, the government ought to act in a responsible manner and be accountable to the people, or it may lose the reins of power in the political spectrum.

Accountability within government is thus a measure that is used to control the power invested onto elected government officials. Without accountability, what is left is a political structure that has absolute power to act without conscience or atonement.

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Any discussion which focuses on responsibility within parliament reveals the varying levels of accountability and the difficulties in trying to describe power and responsibility within the Canadian political system.

Accountability in the public sector can be studied from two alternate perspectives. The former refers to managerial responsibility whereas the latter refers to political responsibility. The issue of accountability raises several key questions and problems for scholars. What is the difference between accountability and responsibility?

And finally, what is the importance of accountability in the Canadian public administration sphere?

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Ministers in Canada are senior members of parliament who are appointed to a department by the Prime Minister. These ministers are the constitutional head of all public agencies, ranging from Department of Agriculture to Service Canada to the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Cabinets are the means in which new governmental polices are created and developed. If passed through both houses of parliament, these policies are then conveyed to individual departments through the ministers. The implementation and feedback of these policies is then the responsibility of front line civil servants.

Ultimately, there are two main types of ministerial responsibility: Collective responsibilities refer to the accountability of the government to parliament as a whole.

The collective cabinet responsibility ensures the solidarity of that cabinet as well as the government, as all the cabinets compose the political government. Therefore, the collective ministerial responsibility allows the government to present policies to parliament with one collective voice.

This solidarity enables government to defend individual ministers in the House of Commons and protect its right to govern.This essay will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both minority and majority government (for example efficiency, compromise, and power) and argue that in fact neither offers a fair representation of Canadian’s due to lack of both transparency and accountability.

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The legitimacy of democracy, which defined by Abraham Lincoln as "government of the people, by the people, for the people", depends on political participation, citizen participation and effective government.3 However, in this essay, whether EU has sufficient democratic accountability will be determined only by focusing on whether there is an /5(30).

Employee Accountability in the Workplace. In order to achieve the goals of the company, long and short term, it is important that all people within the company work together and share accountability.

Employees who work together towards the same overall goal help their workplace to become more accountable, in turn make the . Accountability to the canadian people Accountability is the essence of our democratic form of government. It is the liability assumed by all those who exercise authority to account for the manner in which they have fulfilled responsibilities entrusted to them, a liability ultimately to the Canadian people owed by Parliament, by the government.

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Employee Accountability in the Workplace