An overview of one of the great wonders of the world stonehenge

Or how the science of naval warfare has changed from the time of the Greeks and Romans through the Civil War, both World Wars to today? Then head to the Naval War College Museum, free and open to the public, where naval battles and strategies come to life via changing art collections, exhibits and documents. Sims and the U.

An overview of one of the great wonders of the world stonehenge

It was a smashing success. Lasting eight months, the exhibition attracted over a million people to the eight hectares of exhibition space. More than 30 countries displayed their industrial, cultural, and technological achievements to all comers, bringing knowledge from all over the world to Melbourne.

It still hosts exhibitions and events in connection with the Melbourne Museum. As designed, its Great Hall covered more than 12, square metres and its temporary annexes many more. The building was finished within a year. Royal Exhibition Building Right off the bat, the Great Exhibition Building was the site of not just one but three major historic events.

When Australia won its status as the Commonwealth of Australia on the first of Januarythe building was the site of the opening of the very first Parliament of Australia in May of that year.

The parliament moved to Victorian State Parliament House soon afterwards, while the Victorian Parliament ended up using the Exhibition Building for 26 years.

Seven Wonders of the World : 7 Wonders of the World

When the Australian National Flag was designed and chosen, one of the first new flags was flown over the Royal Exhibition Building. It measured a full 5. Byits existence came to a vote before the Melbourne City Council — should it be knocked down, and replaced by office blocks?


The building survived… but only by a narrow margin. Regular weekly dances, car shows, boat shows, and other commercial expositions occupied the building during the s and s. Basketball, wrestling, weightlifting, and the fencing component to the modern pentathlon all took place there.

Students of all stripes also got to know the Exhibition Building.

An overview of one of the great wonders of the world stonehenge

The Exhibition Building narrowly survived demolition again in After the grand ballroom was demolished, it was only a public outcry that saved the main building.

Just four years after the hundredth anniversary of the Melbourne International Exposition, Princess Alexandra bestowed upon the Exhibition Building the royal title, giving it the name Royal Exhibition Building. Thanks to the new title and a conservation assessment done by Alan Willingham, the building saw a thorough restoration over the next twenty years.

An overview of one of the great wonders of the world stonehenge

A little while later, the Melbourne Museum was built next door. This was a controversial decision, and the controversy had far reaching effects. Nowadays, the Royal Exhibition Building still sees use for commercial exhibitions and trade shows, like the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Students use it too, with at least six different high schools and universities holding their exams in it. Seeing these buildings for yourself is now a realistic possibility. The internet allows one to plan a trip to the area with little to no difficulty in a short time.

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This is great if you want to take a group on a historical tour of these historical buildings, or if you just want to take a vacation and take in an exciting new culture. There is no excuse not to at least investigate this endeavor, as there are countless options for a wide variety of price ranges.

Diliff and Andrew Hutton http:Few of the wonders of the world, whether natural, industrial, modern, ancient or medieval still remain a mystery to us today, yet Stonehenge is just that.

Nobody can be sure of why it was built and what official purpose it served, but it holds a great deal of historical fact and emotional significance for a great number of people across the world. Calling all K students – bring your creativity to life in a Doodle of the Google logo, using any medium you choose for the chance to be a Doodle 4 Google winner.

With March 20 marking the vernal equinox (one of two days during the year where day and night are the same length) attention turns again to one of the more persistent theories for Stonehenge's origin.

The Guide to the Seven World Wonders. Iguazu is a waterfall with a difference; it isn’t a singular waterfall; it isn’t one massive drop from the top; it’s a collection of waterfalls that spans a huge kilometres in width. Pharos was a small island located on the western edge of the Nile BC Alexander the Great founded the city of Alexandria on an isthmus opposite Pharos.

Alexandria and Pharos were later connected by a mole spanning more than metres mi), which was called the Heptastadion ("seven stadia"—a stadium was a Greek unit of length measuring approximately m). Introduction to Pattaya Pattaya is an important tourist destination about miles south east of the capital city of Bangkok.

Pattaya is a major tourist destination located about kilometers (95 miles) southeast of the Thai capital, Bangkok.

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