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The earliest recorded German immigrants to Louisiana arrived inand Germans continue to arrive every year, especially in the New Orleans area.

Columnist essay

Gun sales and licenses in Pa. It likely will take more time than that during the forthcoming round of vigils to respectfully read the names of the more than Columnist essay who were killed or injured. And there will undoubtedly be a next one.

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This has been said, but bears repeating and repeating and repeating some more. If nothing changed after children - babies - were slaughtered inside their school, do any of us really believe anything will change following the deaths of people so many fear and loathe simply for trying to live their truths?

The gunman was apparently enraged over seeing a same-sex couple kiss. Love made him kill. But I try not to think about any of that as I drive over to the gun shop in Philadelphia. I need to come up with some plausible story, I think.

I consider my options: The AR is on display in the window of the gun shop. It is being promoted as the gun of the week. What will it take to buy one, I ask the sales guy. Did I have identification? The truth is that I could have bought the gun as easily in any gun shop in Pennsylvania. Go to a licensed gun store.

Fill out about a page and a half of forms. No need for a concealed carry permit. No mandatory training, though the guys did give me a coupon for a free day pass for a local gun range. No need for even a moment to at least consider how gross all of this felt as relatives of the dead were still being notified.

Here we go, I thought. The fact is, what shattered so many lives in the early hours Sunday was about many things.

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Homophobia, first and foremost. Radicalism - the American gunman claimed allegiance to the Islamic State and praised the Boston Marathon bombers.

Columnist essay

Insane, nonsensical access to guns. So pick whatever reason or narrative matches your politics or agenda. Have you ever tried to turn in a gun in this city?

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It takes longer than it does to buy a gun. As an officer prepared the paperwork, I noticed a sign that hung over one of the walls. United We Stand, it read. My God, I thought, what a lie. We are more divided every single day, and yet our answer to that is to meet fear and hate with more fear and hate and then expect a different outcome.

To be shocked at the world we live in, left to do little else but hold vigils. While I write this, thousands are attending a vigil at City Hall. My heart is with you all. And let us take more than seven minutes to do it.

Columnist essay

This was revised to reflect that since original publication, the weapon used in the attack was identified as a Sig Sauer MCX, an AR type semiautomatic rifle, but not an ARA columnist is a person who writes for publication in a series, creating an article that usually offers commentary and opinions..

Columns appear in newspapers, magazines and other publications, including take the form of a short essay by a specific writer who offers a personal point of view.

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Wife Shares Shock, Grief After MD Mass Shooting - Annapolis, MD - Andrea Chamblee, widow of Capital reporter John McNamara, wrote an essay, "How to keep going after a mass shooter kills your husband.".

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As a single person, sometimes it’s hard to find someone to eat with, and this has increased as my friends have settled down with their significant others. By Bob Haught NSNC Member Ginnie Graham, columnist and editorial writer for the Tulsa World, accepted the Will Rogers Humanitarian Award with a Rogers quote that expressed her main goal as a .

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