Comparing and contrasting the books of psalms and proverbs and describing the main features of each

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Comparing and contrasting the books of psalms and proverbs and describing the main features of each

Words of Lemuel After this, we would then want to consider how the passage fits into the book of Proverbs as a whole. The third principle is to place proverbial literature into more precise literary forms.

There are two predominant literary forms, instruction and saying, and eight secondary forms. We will briefly examine each of these. Instruction is the dominant form found in Proverbs 1—9 and It is a longer form of the admonition a command or prohibitionusually involving one or more paragraphs explaining a number of related admonitions.

It generally praises wisdom and its attributes or provides a warning about the traps of folly and its disciples. The primary point of the instruction is to give advice on wisdom or a related subject or to provide a warning against folly or a related subject Hubbard, p.

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Admonition is an abbreviated form of the longer instruction form, usually comprised of one to three verses. It expresses either a positive command or a prohibition followed by a motive clause. The motive clause provides a reason why the command should be followed.

When we interpret the admonition, we should note the connection between the command and the motive clause. This connection is helpful in understanding the point of the admonition Hildebrandt, p. A command followed by a motive clause is found in Proverbs 4: A wisdom speech is a subcategory of the instruction.

For example, the lady wisdom cries out to deliver its recipients in Proverbs 1: The counterpart to the wisdom speech is folly. The lady folly calls aloud to mislead in 9: Saying is the dominant form used in Proverbs A saying is essentially a sentence involving two parallel lines. While the mood of the instruction form is imperatival, the mood of the saying is indicative.

As filtered through special revelation, the force of a saying is found in the wisdom or folly displayed in human experience ibid. A comparative saying is a subcategory of the saying. It generally uses a simile or metaphor to intensify the main point of the saying. An example of this is Proverbs The image in the first clause is that of securely fastening a stone in the sling.

At other times, the lines may simply be in juxtaposition. The images in the first two clauses are the horse and donkey. Better-than sayings are a variation of comparative sayings. This saying is designed to set forth priorities and values. Some have concluded that this type of proverb is a form of relativism advocated by the sages of Israel.

Against this, it is more precise to view this as eliminating one element and affirming another Hildebrandt, p. To be rich and crooked is not a lifestyle to be valued, but there is value in being poor with integrity. Numerical sayings are another subcategory of the saying. It is the dominant form used in Proverbs The number line will also state the element that binds the list together.

The number line is then followed by a list of items. The number of items in the list will correspond to the highest number in the number line.

An example of this is Proverbs 6: Haughty eyes, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devices wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil, a false witness who utters lies, and one who spreads strife among brothers. As stated in the number line, Solomon lists seven things that God hates.What are the first five books of the bible?

Collective name? Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy; Pentateuch. Compare and contrast the 10 commandments with the code of Hammurabi. Be able to identify and define each of the basic literary techniques used in the psalms.

Anthropomorphism: describing an inhuman thing with . 3. Within the category of the Sacred Writings, the books of Psalms, Proverbs and Job were regarded by the Jews as specifically poetical in nature, and were described by the mnemonic title “The Book of Truth” 4.

Compare and Contrast Psalms and Proverbs The first memory I have of the book of Psalms is my Pastor saying “Turn to Psalms located in the middle of the bible.” Psalms became the first book of the bible I knew how to find instantly. The Structure of the Book of Psalms [Editor’s note: The following is a condensed, edited version of Appendix One, “Preliminary Suggestions on the Structure of the Book of Psalms,” taken from Dr.

Ernest Martin’s book, Restoring the Original Bible, pp. The two dominant forms of parallelism in the book of Proverbs are that of contrast and comparison. The most dominant of the two forms is parallelism of contrast. In Proverbs 10–15 approximately 90% of the proverbs are contrastive.

Learn to appreciate the main features of proverb structure.

Comparing and contrasting the books of psalms and proverbs and describing the main features of each

Most common is the contrasting proverb, which catches the mind and emphasizes a truth by the compact presentation of some striking contrast.

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