Economic women

Women and the economic crisis: The initial crisis and subsequent recovery plans at different levels — European, national and international G20 — have failed to acknowledge, understand, analyse and rectify the gender impact of the financial crisis. Equality between women and men is one of the objectives of the EU —enshrined in the treaties —and must therefore be an inherent part of European, national and international recovery plans as well as the transition towards a long term holistic vision of the post-crisis era.

Economic women

Early on, she mentions that humans are the only species in which the female has to depend on the male for survival.

These sexual distinctions have led to an odd distribution of power and have been detrimental to both genders, in Gilman's view.

Economic women

These sexual distinctions have left women behind and allowed men to claim credit for human progress. Gilman argues that women fulfill the dual roles of mother and martyr, and pass these roles down to their children, creating a continuing image of women as unpaid workers and nurturers.

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This in turn, has stunted women's creative and personal growth. Gilman was a confirmed suffragistbut did not believe progress would happen if women were only given the vote. Gilman talks about the agricultural age, when more children were needed to assist with farming.

In the industrial age however, more children result in more work for the mother. There is no proof in Gilman's opinion however, that women who sacrifice to be nurturers and educators will produce better children. Gilman believes that others can assist with these tasks or even do them more effectively.

Gilman was one of the first to propose the professionalization of housework, encouraging women to hire housekeepers and cooks to release them from housework.

Gilman envisioned kitchenless houses and designed cooperative kitchens in city apartment buildings which would further help women balance work and family and provide some social support for wives who were still homebound.

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This would allow women to participate in the workforce and lead a more worldly life. Gilman believed that women could desire home and family life, but should not have to retain complete responsibility of these areas. Conservative reviewers even respected the book, albeit slightly grudgingly.

Many of the reforms proposed by Gilman, such as professionalization of child raising and housework, were considered radical at the time of her writing. Gilman states in the book that she opposes corporal punishment, believing instead that parents should explain their reasoning to their children.

Gilman also advised having an open discussion about sex despite her uneasiness regarding the subject and her near denouncement of sexual pleasures in general. She borrowed the concept that the realm of production is central to human life and that the workplace is the area of both oppression and liberation from Karl Marxwhile applying it to gender, rather than solely class.

From Charles Darwinshe used the theory of evolution, and ultimately Social Darwinismthat permeates much of the book. She took the idea that women are object of exchange between men from Thorstein Veblen ; and from sociologist Lester Wardshe borrowed the idea that women, rather than men, originated evolution and species.

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The MIT Press, p. For Her Own Good:The Effect of Women's Economic Independence on Union Dissolution Aimée R. Dechter Abstract Women's economic independence has been central to discussions surrounding the secular rise in divorce, the rapid surge of divorce in the late s and s, the timing of .

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Economic women

New database, 50 Years of Women’s Legal Rights, tracks global progress from to in removing discriminatory laws on women’s property rights and ability to make legal decisions. The database, which is featured in the new Women, Business and the Law report, shows the number of legal.

Economic Justice NOW advocates for wide range of economic justice issues affecting women, from the glass ceiling to the sticky floor of poverty.

Economic Development = Equal Rights for Women?

These include welfare reform, livable wages, job discrimination, pay equity, housing, social security and pension reform, and much more. In , the first Global WIL Economic Forum broke new ground in the Middle East by giving a platform for women leaders to gather and advance gender diversity.

Since then, the forum has traveled across continents and evolved much. Women around the world still face obstacles to fully participating in the workforce, limiting a country’s potential growth.

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