Girls are better than boys

Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.

Girls are better than boys

Yes, girls are better than boys at almost everything. A study compared the performance of over a million girls and boys across 30 countries from grading statistics collected between and This is because girls also have a significant skills advantage over boys from very early on.

A study done on a very large sample of thousand children between the ages of three and five found that across 13 categories of skill types, girls by the age of five beat the boys in every single one of them, including almost individual skills.

These findings are not isolated to individual countries either but reflect a worldwide phenomenon that can only be biological.

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The Anatomy of Aptitude It seems like girls have always been smarter than boys.
What does this mean for my eighth grade language arts class? Share via Email This article is over 9 years old Girls are far more likely to thrive, get GCSEs and stay in education if they go to a single-sex school, according to new research, which reveals pupils who are struggling academically when they start secondary school reap the biggest rewards of girls-only schooling.
It's Different for Girls Ask a teacher, parent or policy maker what is the most important thing a school should offer and many will say it is education:
Girls are Better than Boys | raymondarthur's Blog Scientists generally agree that boys and girls are psychologically more alike than they are different.

There is no better evidence for the biological basis of the boy gap than girls beating boys even in places where girls are systematically held back. Recent studies have found that girls really do mature faster, reaching a cognitive maturity around the age of 10 while boys were seen to reach it around the age of 15 to This is said to be due to how genetics influence brain development between the sexes, with testosterone in particular virtually handicapping the male brain prenatally with extremely high doses as much as a year-old man.

The lesser amount of testosterone in girls allows them to optimize brain connections earlier. As a result, girls also tend to have a slightly higher average IQ because boys tend to gravitate to the extremes early on, although this gap evens out later.

To be fair, about the only region boys seem uniquely adept in compared to girls regards their spatial abilities. Yet even here girls make their claim.


Females have a relative advantage in perceptual speed tasks, which involve matching objects and pictures. Girls are superior with language. Studies also suggest this genetic language ability may also give girls not boys!

Girls are better than boys

Boys are twice as likely to have a language or reading disorder and are even three to four times more likely to stutter or have other speech impediments.

Girls on the other hand talk earlier, say more words a day than boys, and females even recover speech following injury and stroke faster than males.“Girls were not affected by being reminded that they were expected to be better than boys; that is, they didn’t get better. In a second follow-up experiment, we told children that girls and.

Although a single girl is as single as a single boy, but when it comes down to being involved and having fun with multiple people when you have no commitments, only boys can do that because no girl likes to be called a 'slut' and no guy falls in love with a slut.

Is one gender really better than the other? In the past, there have been many debates on whether or not girls are better than boys or vice versa. Girls read more than boys in just about every developed country, and it's a big reason they have better educational outcomes.

Alia Wong. Jan 26,  · As it happens, boys are slightly more likely to be overweight than girls. And, even though teachers – like parents – tend to assume that boys have greater “natural ability,” in reality. 21 Reasons Why Women are More Awesome Than Men February 12, For thousands of years men have been considered the dominant sex, but women have always secretly known better.

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