Heart of darkness logs

Psyche was the youngest of the three daughters of some king, and excited by her beauty the jealousy and envy of Venus. In order to avenge herself, the goddess ordered Amor to inspire Psyche with a love for the most contemptible of all men: He accordingly conveyed her to some charming place, where he, unseen and unknown, visited her every night, and left her as soon as the day began to dawn. Psyche might have continued to have enjoyed without interruption this state of happiness, if she had attended to the advice of her beloved, never to give way to her curiosity, or to inquire who he was.

Heart of darkness logs

Bruce Boxleitner voices Colonel John Konrad Six months prior to the game's events, the worst series of sandstorms in recorded history began across Dubai. The city's politicians and wealthy elite downplayed the situation before evacuating secretly, leaving countless Emiratis and foreign migrant workers behind.

Konrad volunteered the 33rd to help relief efforts, defying orders by the Army to abandon the city and Heart of darkness logs refugees and deserting with the entire battalion. The storms intensified and a massive storm wall engulfed Dubai, disrupting surveillance, air travel, and all but the strongest of radio broadcasts.

Heart of darkness logs

The CIA then sent in a black ops squad to investigate, and as part of their plan organized the locals into insurgents to attack the 33rd, eventually resulting in a ceasefire.

The last communication from Dubai stated that the 33rd was attempting to lead a caravan out of the city. The caravan never arrived, and soon afterward, the United Arab Emirates declared Dubai a no-man's-land.

All travel to the city was barred, the 33rd was publicly disavowed for treasonand no further news left the city. Two weeks before the start of the story, a looped radio signal finally penetrated the storm wall.

Its message was brief: Attempted evacuation of Dubai ended in complete failure. Plot[ edit ] The game begins in medias res with Walker, Adams, and Lugo flying in a helicopter past the skyscrapers of Dubai, shooting down several pursuing helicopters until a sudden sandstorm forms, causing one of the pursuers to spin out of control and crash into the trio.

The story then jumps back to the start, with Delta traversing the storm wall to the outskirts of a mostly buried Dubai, being taunted on broadcasts by the Radioman Jake Buseya DJ and former journalist speaking for the 33rd. After coming across refugees being rounded up by the 33rd and engaging in a firefight, Walker elects to disobey orders and find Konrad.

Tracing the signal's origin, they find Daniels already dead and the broadcast was a trap set for fellow CIA agent, Gould.

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The team heads there and continues the attack. Finding it heavily guarded by the 33rd, the team employs white phosphorus to obliterate their opposition and advance further into the city.

Walker blames the 33rd and vows revenge. Konrad then manipulates Walker into executing an Emirati survivor or a 33rd soldier, who both committed serious crimes. Delta aids Riggs with the aim of crippling the 33rd's operations, but Riggs destroys the supply instead, admitting he wanted to wipe out the remaining population of Dubai to cover up the atrocities of the 33rd, fearing that their revelation would lead to the region declaring war on the United States.

After Lugo kills the Radioman, Walker informs the city of Delta's planned evacuation effort. Walker, who surrenders, is pushed to safety by Adams, who fights to the death.

Walker finally meets Konrad at his penthouse. Konrad appears to be the charismatic, villainous force behind the atrocities that Walker was hoping for, until Walker finds his decaying corpse on the penthouse deck.

Rationalizing the actions he had witnessed and carried out, Walker distorted many subsequent events of the game to make Konrad look responsible. Walker shooting himself or allowing 'Konrad' to shoot him will immediately end the story, with Walker's and Konrad's corpses shown together on the penthouse deck and Konrad's original broadcast playing as the camera pans over to a burning Dubai.

If Walker instead shoots 'Konrad', he disappears after consoling Walker that he can still return home. After the 33rd surrendering is shown to be a figment of Walker's imagination, Walker uses Konrad's radio to request extraction from Dubai.

Walker can either concede to the patrol or open fire on them. If Walker relinquishes his weapon, he evacuates with the patrol, and has a conversation with one of the soldiers where he questions his status.

Heart of darkness logs

If Walker kills the entire patrol, he uses their radio to greet Army command with "Gentlemen, welcome to Dubai", one of the first statements Walker said to his team as well as one of the first statements 'Konrad' said to Walker.

Walker then returns to the Burj Khalifa as the camera pans to a ruined Dubai. Background[ edit ] Following the release of several Spec Ops games in the late s and early s, the series met with low sales and poor reviews, causing a halt to the production of successive games.

InTake-Two mentioned in their financial results that Rockstar Games was working on the franchise, [37] but in the project was cancelled. InGerman-based Yager Development pitched a cover-based shooter to publisher 2K Gameswho rejected the original concept of futuristic soldiers without Dubai as a setting.

Development began in earlywith most other fundamentals of the initial game intact. The set-up and the game's foundation was inspired by Heart of Darkness, whose story reveals the changes a person undergoes in chaotic times.

This led the team to focus on creating the game's storyline to motivate players to take the actions they choose. However, the idea was downplayed as the development team realized that having cutscenes helps players to be more emotionally connected and allowed the team to create dramatic scripted sequences.

It was felt that by reflecting his emotions to players, they would share them.initiativeblog.com - Virtual Pet Community!

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were found under large logs metres from a campsite littered .

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