How to write a classic love story

I am just an ordinary girl who came across a variety of stories from reading too much tagalog and English romance novels, watching cheesy chick flicks and tear-jerkers, and hearing numerous first-hand experiences about love from friends since I was in my fourth grade in elementary. From all those stories and almost-real-almost-fake collections of mushy proposals, and unending conflicts between the story of a boy and a girl, I came up with 13 common plots you will never miss when you delve into the mysterious world of LOVE. These are plots where the scenes include the girl and the boy growing up together in one small barrio.

How to write a classic love story

What Makes a Good Story? May be freely copied and shared for any noncommercial purpose as long as no text is altered or omitted. Here are some good rules to know.

Theme A theme is something important the story tries to tell us—something that might help us in our own lives. Plot Plot is most often about a conflict or struggle that the main character goes through.

how to write a classic love story

The conflict can be with another character, or with the way things are, or with something inside the character, like needs or feelings. The main character should win or lose at least partly on their own, and not just be rescued by someone or something else.

Most often, the character learns or grows as they try to solve their problem. What the character learns is the theme. The conflict should get more and more tense or exciting. The basic steps of a plot are: The right-wrong steps can repeat.

A novel can have several conflicts, but a short story should have only one. Story Structure At the beginning, jump right into the action.

At the end, wind up the story quickly. Even if you write in third person, try to tell the story through the eyes of just one character—most likely the main character. That is how most stories are written. Writing in present tense means writing as if the story is happening right now.

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Stick to one tense or the other! Characters Before you start writing, know your characters well. Your main character should be someone readers can feel something in common with, or at least care about.

how to write a classic love story

A main character should have at least one flaw or weakness. Perfect characters are not very interesting. Style and Tone Use language that feels right for your story. It almost never hurts to use simple words and simple sentences.

That way, your writing is easy to read and understand. Always use the best possible word—the one that is closest to your meaning, sounds best, and creates the clearest image.

Carefully check each word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph. Is it the best you can write?

Short Stories and Classic Literature

Is it in the right place?Reading these stories will give you a better sense of which elements and techniques you will want to master if you ever wish to write a "classic" story that teacher's will . Hi Katherine, I love gothic fiction but haven't really tried to write in that style yet.

So, if I take a castle, a maiden and a creepy legend, that ought to do it, eh? Great Hub and somewhat inspirational. The most important step in creating a plot for your novel is to decide on a story goal. Find out what it is and how to integrate it into your plot ideas.

Love stories. In Pride and I'm a little 15 year old and I love writing. I usually write stand-up poetry and I am also good enough at delivering them.

History of Gothic Fiction

Rainbow Rowell's story of two misfit kids who fall in love over mixtapes and comic books in s Omaha, Neb., was one of our favorite books of — and a favorite with our voters, too. While the nightingale is a character you would expect in a fairy tale, willing to sacrifice herself for true love, the lovers in this story are quite a surprise.

Read it for free here. 5. Watch video · It could have been the beginning of a brilliant acting career, but "Love Story" became the highlight of their career. To conclude I can only repeat that "Love Story" is a brilliant and timeless romantic classic!

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