Hypodermic needle theory essays for scholarships

Concept[ edit ] The "magic bullet" or "hypodermic needle theory" of direct influence effects was based on early observations of the effect of mass media, as used by Nazi propaganda and the effects of Hollywood in the s and s.

Hypodermic needle theory essays for scholarships

The Effects model is not a grounded theory. The theory also links with moral panic. Moral panic is where there is a threat represented to moral order in a situation that is out of control in some way. And with this theory suggesting that the audience is passive it means that nobody will question the situation which is out of control and it will be easier for moral panic to begin.

hypodermic needle theory essays for scholarships

This is another problem with the effects theory model. The studies in which the theory is based on are artificial: The Bobo doll experiment with kids, watching them assaulting a doll reenacting what they had just seen adults do on a TV. Children are easily manipulated however not all of the audience are like the theory suggests.

However animals are not comparable with Human actions. The effects theory is also known as the Hypodermic Needle Theory. Therefore labeling the audience as passive.

Another reason is that the theory suggests that media is like a drug which addicts its audience. Suggesting the power lies with the consumerthe uses and grats theory puts more focus on the audience instead of the message itself.

The theory does this by asking "what people do with media" rather than "what media does to people". This theory is the opposite of the effects theory suggesting that the audience are not passive but instead take an active role when interpreting forms of media.

These are examples of the Uses and Gratifications theory in which the theory looks into what the audience do with media rather than what effect media has on its audience. The theory is also too kind the the media letting them not take responsibility for what they produce.

The model assumes that the media identify individuals needs and provide material to gratify them. For example watching soap operas: Part of regular routine People use as a reward after work Escapism Preventing loneliness The reasons are down to the individual member of the audience.

And not just for soap operas but with day to day media. There are many examples pf media with multiple reasons for examplewatching Quiz Programs for the audience to compare intelligence with player on the TV. Television can also be topic for social interaction. Watching the same program as a friend would begin a conversation.

I may not question what I am being told and believe what I am being told. However I feel I am also part of the active audience.

I feel aware and able to question what is being told to me by the media. I was powerless to resist. Another example is that I bought an IPhone after seeing all the advertisements claiming it was the must have phoneI was passive and ended up purchasing the product.

Perhaps advertising companies rely on a passive audience in order to sell their products. Much like me, many people buy the newest apple product due to the brand and the label of Iphone etc.


Many advertising companies aim to young kids to sell products as they are a very passive audience as they are young and vulnerable. For example, many children have the newest craze e. Marketing and advertising rely on a passive audience gullible in order to sell products. On the other hand, other media formats rely on an active audience to question things.

Radio stations love to get a response from the audience giving their viewsopinions and votes etc. They rely on an active audience in order to communicate with the audience and cause debates and voting polls online. This is because the theory is much nicersuggesting that the media cater to the audience and the theory itself focuses more on the audience than the actual theory.An essay or paper on The Hypodermic Needle Theory and The Mass Media.

The Hypodermic Needle Theory, also known as the Magic Bullet Theory, was the first major theory concerning the effect of the mass media on society. Originating in the s, the theory was based on the premise of an all-powerful. Audience Theory Essay The effects theory is also known as the Hypodermic Needle Theory.


The reason for the name, being, that the theory suggests that media injects content into its audience' mind without them questioning anything that they are being told. Therefore labeling the audience as passive.

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin The hypodermic needle model (known as the hypodermic-syringe model, transmission-belt model, or magic bullet theory) is a model of communication suggesting that an intended message is directly received and wholly accepted by the receiver.

As the theory suggests direct and immediate effect of mass media to its audience, a social phenomenon called ‘copycat crimes’ is analyzed through its lens. The criticisms and ambiguities of the hypodermic needle theory are used to formulate a new theory believed to be more applicable and accurate to social issues and media awareness at [ ].

Hypodermic Needle Theory History and Orientation The "hypodermic needle theory" implied mass media had a direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences.

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