Images of nature

More about Brendon Cremer I was born and raised in Zimbabwe where I was exposed to wildlife and the outdoors at an early age. During school holidays I followed my passion while working in the Kariba area and the Matusadona National Park, where I expanded my knowledge of wildlife and nature.

Images of nature

Editing images[ edit ] In this pseudocolor image of the moon, red tints represent the highest elevations, purple the lowest; lest the reader be misled, the caption should make clear that this is not the coloring a viewer of the moon would actually see.

An image's utility or quality may be improved by cropping to focus on the relevant portioncleaning up scanning artifacts, correcting color balance, removing red-eye effector other adjustments. The caption of an image should mention such edits e. Edits that improve the presentation without materially altering the content need not be mentioned in the caption e.

However, all changes to images taken from outside sources should be noted on the image's description page. For images created by editors themselves, changes which could have been part of the image's original composition—such as rotation or minor cropping—need not be mentioned on the description page.

Images should not be changed in ways that materially mislead the viewer. For example, images showing artworks, faces, identifiable places or buildings, or text should not be reversed although those showing soap bubbles or bacteria might be.

Do not change color integral to the subject, such as in images of animals. It is usually appropriate to de-speckle or remove scratches from images, though that might be inappropriate for historical photographs.

For assistance in editing images, try WP: For further information, see: Uploading imagesand File names Logged in users with autoconfirmed accounts meaning at least four days old and at least ten edits at the English Wikipedia can upload media to the English Wikipedia.

It is recommended that only free licensed media, not fair use media, be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Media on Wikimedia Commons can be linked to in the same way as media of the same name on Wikipedia.

To upload media to the English Wikipedia, go to special: For preferred file formats, see: Preparing images for upload. Image description pages[ edit ] Further information: To maximize the utility and educational value of an image, please describe its contents as fully as possible on the image's description page.

For example, photographs of artwork benefit from documentation of the artist, title, location, dates, museum identification numbers, and so on. Images that are described only in vague terms for example, "a cuneiform tablet" or "a medieval manuscript" are often less useful for Wikipedia and less informative to our readers.

Reliable sources, if any, may be listed on the image's description page. Generally, Wikipedia assumes in good faith that image creators are correctly identifying the contents of photographs they have taken. If such sources are available, it is helpful to provide them.

This is particularly important for technical drawings, as someone may want to verify that the image is accurate.

Nature Wallpapers

Description pages for images are rediscovered by editors using the search engine and the categories. To help editors find precise images, please remember to document the image description page accordingly.

Well-categorized and well-described images are more likely to be used. Articles carry reduced-size thumbnails instead of full images which the user can view by "clicking through" the thumbnail but in some file types a thumbnail's reduced dimensions doesn't translate into a concomitant reduction in file size.

In most browsers you can see a thumbnail's size by right-clicking for its "Properties". If one image's file size is disproportionate to those of others in the same article, you may want to reduce it by selecting a different file format: GIF images with a frame size larger than A thumbnail of a GIF image can be considerably larger in kilobytes than the original image file.

Animated GIF images have a few additional restrictions.

Images of nature

When not using a GIF animation at its original frame size, consider creating an Ogg Theora movie of the animation. The PNG format is useful for storing graphics that contain text, line art, or other images with sharp transitions. It can achieve the same graphical results as a GIF file, and in many cases do so with a higher rate of file compression.

When there is no apparent difference in quality, such as with a photograph that has no sharp graphical transitions, a compressed image format such as JPEG may be preferable for reasons of download performance.

Wikipedia is often able to achieve much better compression of JPEG photograph thumbnails than comparable PNG images, and with little perceptible loss of quality. Repeatedly loading and resaving an image as JPEG will result in loss of quality, however, as will using low settings for the JPEG; as such, if you've made edits, it can be helpful to save a PNG or TIFF copy before closing the image editor and upload that as well; this copy can then be used to generate a new JPEG after further editing.

Where an image consists solely of line art, charts text and simple graphics, an SVG file can be significantly smaller than other graphics formats.In this post we have 20 Beautiful Nature Wallpapers for your inspiration.

Enjoy the beauty of nature through these nature wallpapers. Enjoy the beauty of nature through these nature wallpapers. Download these free nature wallpapers to decorate your background and .

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Images must be significant and relevant in the topic's context, not primarily decorative.


They are often an important illustrative aid to understanding. When possible, find better images and improve captions instead of simply removing poor or inappropriate ones, especially on pages with few visuals.

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