Louis mcneice

She survived uterine cancer but died of tuberculosis in December MacNeice joined her at Sherborne Preparatory School later in the year. He was an enthusiastic sportsman, something which continued when he moved to Marlborough College inhaving won a classical scholarship. He also wrote poetry and essays for the school magazines.

Louis mcneice

She survived uterine cancer but died of tuberculosis in December His brother William, who had Down's syndromehad been sent to live in an institution in Scotland during his mother's terminal illness.

Inhis father remarried to Georgina Greer and MacNeice's sister Elizabeth was sent to board at a preparatory school at SherborneEngland. MacNeice joined her at Sherborne Preparatory School later in the year. He was an enthusiastic sportsman, something which continued when he moved to Marlborough College inhaving won a classical scholarship.

Marlborough was a less happy place, with a hierarchical and sometimes cruel social structure, but MacNeice's interest in ancient literature and civilisation deepened and expanded to include Egyptian and Norse mythology.

In he was invited to join Marlborough's secret 'Society of Amici' [2] where he was a contemporary of John Betjeman and Anthony Bluntforming a lifelong friendship with the latter. He also wrote poetry and essays for the school magazines.

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In NovemberMacNeice was awarded a postmastership to Merton College, Oxford[4] and he left Marlborough in the summer of the following year. He left behind his birth name of Frederick, his accent and his father's faith, although he never lost a sense of his Irishness. Audenwho had gained a reputation as the university's foremost poet during the preceding year.

MacNeice threw himself into the aesthetic culture, publishing poetry in literary magazines The Cherwell and Sir Galahad, organising candle-lit readings of Shelley and Marloweand visiting Paris with Hilton.

Auden would become a lifelong friend who inspired MacNeice to take up poetry seriously. A year later he thought to soften the news that he had been arrested for drunkenness by telegraphing his father to say he was engaged to be married to Mary. John MacNeice by now Archdeacon of Connorand a Bishop a few years later was horrified to discover his son was engaged to a Jewwhile Ezra's family demanded assurances that Louis's brother's Down's syndrome was not hereditary.

Amidst this turmoil MacNeice published four poems in Oxford Poetry, and his first undergraduate collection Blind Fireworks In the couple were married at Oxford Register Officeneither set of parents attending the ceremony.

He was awarded a first-class degree in literae humanioresand had already gained an appointment as Assistant Lecturer in Classics at the University of Birmingham.

Louis mcneice

Bet was a lecturer in the Department of English. The MacNeices lived in a former coachman's cottage in the grounds of a house in Selly Park belonging to another professor, Philip Sargant Florence. Birmingham was a very different university and city from Oxford, MacNeice was not a natural lecturer, and he found it difficult to write poetry.

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He turned instead to a semi-autobiographical novel, Roundabout Way, which was published in under the name of Louis Malone as he feared a novel by an academic would not be favourably reviewed. He felt that married life was not helping his poetry: Instead I was disloyal to myself, wrote a novel which purported to be an idyll of domestic felicity.

Audenand by MacNeice and Auden's Oxford acquaintance had turned into a close friendship. Auden knew many Marxistsand Blunt had also become a communist by this time, but MacNeice, although sympathetic to the left, was always sceptical of easy answers and "the armchair reformist".

The Strings are False written at the time of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact describes his wish for a change in society and even revolution, but also his intellectual opposition to Marxism and especially the communism embraced by many of his friends.

MacNeice started to write poetry again, and in January he and Auden led the first edition of Geoffrey Grigson 's magazine New Verse. MacNeice also started sending poems to T.

Eliot at around this time, and although Eliot did not feel that they merited Faber and Faber publishing a volume of poems, several were published in Eliot's journal The Criterion.

Unsuccessful attempts at playwriting and another novel were followed in September by Poems, the first of his collections for Faber and Faber, who would remain his publishers. This helped establish MacNeice as one of the new poets of the s. Auden and MacNeice travelled to Iceland in the summer of that year, which resulted in Letters from Icelanda collection of poems, letters some in verse and essays.

London, —[ edit ] MacNeice was featured in two high-profile collections of modernist poetry of This collection generally excluded American poets and was less well received critically, but instantaneously became a best-seller. His translation of Aeschylus 's Agamemnon was published in lateand produced by the Group Theatre.

MacNeice started an affair with Nancy Coldstream. Nancy was, like her husband Billa painter and a friend of Auden who had introduced the couple to MacNeice while they were in Birmingham.

Music was written for the production by Benjamin Brittenas he had done previously for Agamemnon. As the year — and his relationship with Nancy — drew to a close, he started work on Autumn Journal.Wystan Hugh Auden (21 February – 29 September ) was an English-American poet.

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Auden's poetry was noted for its stylistic and technical achievement, its engagement with politics, morals, love, and religion, and its variety in tone, form and content. Written in , Louis MacNeice’s play delves into the trauma of war and the poet’s personal shadows, and was an inspired collaboration with Benjamin Britten.

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