Lyonsdown business reporter dies

The main factors which caused work-related stress, depression or anxiety were workload pressures such as tight deadlines, too much responsibility and a lack of managerial support, according to a Labour Force Survey.

Lyonsdown business reporter dies

It is one of the easiest long-haul journeys, taking off just in time for dinner and landing after a good nights sleep in time for breakfast in the comfort of this comfortable, near-silent new jet. On stepping off the plane, it is plain to see the enormous legacy the successful World Cup bid has left for South Africa.

The airport has had the most amazing upgrade and a much-needed beauty facelift. Lyonsdown business reporter dies clearly remember so many cynical naysayers spouting off, theyll never be ready in time.

The US and Eng-land were encouraged by many commenta-tors to make real contingency plans to be on hot standby for the eventual admis-sion of failure t hat would surely come some time in But the announcement never came, and the tournament was a huge success.

A whole set of new processes and procedures for the commensurate and necessary health and safety infrastructure were a by-product of the World Cup being staged in South Africa. With nearly half a million fans and tourists flooding into South Africa, what appeared like a whole new industry was professionally put in place; consultants, experts, train-ers, auditors and many more official bodies were all employed.

The government and the South African footballing authorities were desper-ate to ensure this huge and very high-profile event would not suffer any tragic mishaps or accidents. Matches were being played in all of South Africas major cities.

Large noticeboards, high-vis jackets and forthright, friendly voices shared safety messages from just about every place fans gathered. Employees at-tended training courses and the media was mobilised to make health and safety top of mind for everyone, whether visitor or resident.

Some six years later, the processes and procedures are still in place and seemingly rock solid, but frankly, the culture has yet to be transformed. Despite the uniforms, the rules and regulations and the endless and rather high-handed policing and treble-checking of the boxes that need ticking, in an envi-ronment where poverty and unemployment are still so unaccept-ably high, so is the desire to earn money no matter what the personal risk.

From mining to construction, and manufacturing to agriculture, the safety records are atrocious.

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It is the culture that needs chang-ing, not just the administrative processes. Far too many still start work with zero experience and zero training. As you have heard me say many times now, culture is so much more powerful than strategy. Culture can be the most dynamic of enablers but also the most immovable of ob-stacles, unless tackled and transformed with patience and resolve.

This demands strong and inspired leadership. On returning to Heath-rows best in class Terminal 5, it struck me just how much the whole health and safety movement has been transformed here in the UK.

Im old enough to remember people being allowed to smoke on flights nowadays we think nothing of the safety notices screaming out in bright yellow and red everywhere.

In fact, we all just about comply willingly with all the thorough searches and accept what we can and cannot take on board. We will queue endlessly to be checked and rechecked, without a murmur.

This is more than just the processes and procedures. It is a culture that has been both well-educated and transformed. After three fabulous years, this is very sadly my final column for Business Reporter. Im taking a little time off to finish writing my new book, Spike, which is about strengths-based leadership.

We all have amazing strengths but society has become fixated with our weaknesses. Thank you to the so supportive and professional team at Business Reporter and a very big thank you to all of you readers who have read and exchanged comments with me over the years. It has been an unforgettable privilege to serve you.

So its understandable that employees may just see health and safety procedures and training as another box to tick particu-larly those just starting out in the world of work, who still think they are invincible.

And while we all make efforts to change perceptions of health and safety in the workplace, we also need to ensure staff are on board.

lyonsdown business reporter dies

So its not surprising that one of the main questions we get at RoSPA from employers is how best to ensure their workers are fully engaged.

We had open discussions with a range of businesses and pulled together their experiences to develop a list of tips. Top of the pile, which may come as no surprise, is to be patient, as the process of engaging workers takes time. Some of the businesses we spoke to said it took up to five years before they were happy that processes were embedded.When the hype dies down however, it becomes more challenging to maintain their attention.

“Breaches happen all the time, but it’s only until it happens in your industry that people start to take note,” he adds. Learn about working at Business Reporter. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Business Reporter, leverage your professional network, and get hired. Is your stadium safe?

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Businesswoman Dame Helen Alexander, the first female president of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), has died aged 60, the Economist has announced. Dame Helen, who was chief executive of The Economist Group between and , died on Saturday, the newspaper said.

Her long career.

lyonsdown business reporter dies

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