Main idea writing activities for kindergarten

Activities for Students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 But first, let's have a few words about each of the themes: Honesty is the basic theme of good citizenship. A person must be honest with others, and with himself or herself, in order to be a good citizen. Compassion is the emotion of caring for people and for other living things.

Main idea writing activities for kindergarten

main idea writing activities for kindergarten

This is one basic reading comprehension question that you must teach your first graders. Here are several great lessons and activities on main idea for first grade. Learning the skill of identifying the main idea in a reading material will help your first graders become better readers as they grow older.

They will be able to make sense of different types of text, as well as be able to acquire the knack for understanding just by skimming a text. You may directly tell them that it means the big idea or the most important message in a piece of text.

It is what the author is trying to tell his readers through his words. But then, where is the fun in just telling? It would be better to let your active and curious first graders discover this concept first slowly through the following activities: Give each group of kids a jigsaw puzzle to form.

First, let each member study the picture in the jigsaw puzzle piece he got. Ask the students to write down what the picture is all about. Afterwards, let the groups form their puzzles. Looking at the complete picture, ask them to write down once more and to share with their group members what the picture is actually all about.

An example of a picture you can use is one of a messy room, in which the puzzle pieces show only single items. Tell the children a short story about a family who will be moving into a new home soon. A child helps his parents pack things in the old house. Then distribute pictures of different things found inside the house.

On the board or on a classroom wall, stick illustrations of three boxes with different headings: Now let the students stick their pictures on the proper box. Afterwards, explain to them that each heading stands for a different main idea. With the activities described above, you may also give the students already a hint about supporting details.

You can inform them that for the first activity, the puzzle pieces stand for the supporting details which are put together to make the big, important message clear for the readers of a story or selection.

For the second activity, let them know that the supporting details are represented by the pictures belonging to separate main ideas. In this way, you also give them the idea that details must really match or hold up the main idea. Explain that the main idea in reading is not really hidden, because there are many clues that can guide you to it.

After allowing them to explore the concept through fun activities, it is now time for the real grind! Begin by modeling how it is done.

Present a short text or story to the class, and think aloud as to how you will figure out the main idea. You may say, "I wonder what the main idea is here. What is the author trying to tell me? What is the important message? It says in the story that Allen likes to eat. But that is just a small part in the story.

Most of the sentences tell me that it is good to share with others. Yes, this is the main idea. It is good to share with others.

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Give simple sample texts with just five sentences each. The length and complexity of the texts may progress as the kids practice more. Let them color the main idea with a red crayon and the details with a blue crayon.This The Main Idea Graphic Organizer is suitable for Kindergarten - 1st Grade.

main idea writing activities for kindergarten

Recognize the main idea by helping learners associate pictures with key words by using a worksheet. They will observe pictures, read a pair of sentences, and choose the sentence that tells the main idea of the pictures. Kindergarteners are often enthusiastic writers and they will weave writing activities into their play.

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Provide budding writers with experiences that give them something to write about. Invented spelling is normal at this age, as children are translating the sounds of spoken words into writing. Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

Nov 15,  · Here are some wonderful ideas including a printable for this long vowel game: Word Study in Action Phonogram Connect Four Fishing Part Part Whole Practice Have the students fill in the missing Part.

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Jun 04,  · Begin the lesson by reviewing the definition of main idea, or the most important topic in a text. Play the video Main Idea by Brain POP for your class. Once the video finishes, read the passage on the Main Idea: Elephants attachment to the class/5(44).

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