Persuasive essay on volunteerism

Are humans the only creatures on earth that communicate? What purpose does communication serve in our lives?

Persuasive essay on volunteerism

Although travelling across the globe is not cheap, there are ways to make it not just less expensive, but also combine it with useful activities; one of such ways is volunteering. One can become a volunteer in their native country, but it is volunteering abroad that has become the most favored way of helping people around the world—and there are a number of solid reasons for this.

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The most obvious one is career opportunities. According to another study by the British Council, the experience of working or volunteering abroad benefit both those who look for a job, and their potential employers gvi. This is due to the fact that volunteering is, in fact, a cheaper and more effective way to obtain valuable skills: A volunteering program is also a great opportunity to meet new people and broaden your network of useful connections.

While volunteering for a long term, you will meet a lot of new people working under the same conditions as you; making friends with them might be something you would want to do.

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These people most likely possess valuable skills that they could teach you; they could know about additional volunteering or career opportunities; finally, they could help you find a job, since they most likely know the right people, or at least can provide you with strong references Cheat Sheet.

In addition, volunteering is a great way to make new friends, so this is yet another reason why applying to different international programs is a good choice.

Along with career perspectives, volunteering also has a number of surprising positive health effects. Studies show that those who participate in such programs tend to be healthier than those who do not, and enjoy life more. People who used to volunteer tend to have an increased lifespan, their psychological well-being is more stable, and their bodies remain functional for a longer period of time.


Besides, volunteering gives a person a sense of purpose—something that is highly valued from the mental health perspective—and helps a person achieve self-fulfillment, use beneficial opportunities, and reach their goals Psychology Today. Since volunteering is by definition a non-paid job, people get involved in it for a stronger motivation than money: So, volunteering can help you find not just a job, but yourself; by trying out various programs you can find out how you feel about certain problems, find what you love, and make your contribution to making the world a better place.

Persuasive essay on volunteerism

While being a great way to travel around the world, volunteering is not all just about that. It is a great way to connect with new people, find opportunities, obtain new knowledge and skills, and contribute to solving some of the most pressing issues of modernity.

Possessing the experience of volunteering is a valuable asset when doing job hunting; it is also a great way to discover yourself, boost your health, and live a fulfilled life with a sense of purpose.

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