Student article analysis routes to

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Student article analysis routes to

You must do this analysis by answering the specific questions listed. Keep your answers as brief as possible using an "outline" style rather than an elaborate writing style whenever possible.

The research should have been carried out by the author s. The article must be directed at a scholarly audience. Your review must be on an article reporting structured research, that is, one with variables, statistical analyses, relationships among variables, etc.

The article may be about any social science topic you choose. Check with me if you have any doubts about your topic.

Research in sociology, political science, psychology, education, or social work are fine. But remember you need research articles; not all articles in any field are research articles. The following types of articles may NOT be used: Purely theoretical papers which discuss concepts and propositions, but report no empirical research; Statistical or methodological papers where data may be analyzed but the bulk of the work is on the refinement of some new measurement, statistical or modelling technique; Review articles, which summarize the research of many different past researchers, but report no original research by the author; Popularizations or abridged reports, commonly found in popular newsstand magazines such as Psychology Today or books of readings designed for use by undergraduates; Extremely short reports with less than four pages devoted to methods and findings.

Sociology, as is true of all scientific fields, is becoming increasingly complex in its statistical analyses. A working rule is: All articles must receive my OK. No two students may review the same article. It is OK to use articles you have to read for another class, if they meet all of the above criteria, but you may not use the articles in Golden.

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Where and How to Find an Article You must use scholarly articles for this assignment; these are found in professional journals, not general circulation magazines.

The University of Wisconsin subscribes to a large number of such journals,in both physical and electronic form. Recent issues of most of the physical journals are kept in the periodicals room of Memorial Library. Past issues are bound in hardcover by volume and kept on the first and second floors of the south stacks of Memorial Library.

Bound volumes of some journals are in the reserve room of Helen C. White library and in the Social Science Library.

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If you want to find articles about a particular topic, use the data bases available through the Library home page. Another place to get citations of articles in a topic area is in the bibliographies of other books or articles in the topic area.Toxicology is a discipline, overlapping with biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and medicine, that involves the study of the adverse effects of chemical substances on living organisms and the practice of diagnosing and treating exposures to toxins and relationship between dose and its effects on the exposed organism is of high significance in toxicology.

In this article, we evaluated the impact of licensure screens and licensure routes on student achievement. Our findings from an analysis of Arkansas data suggest that there is little difference in terms of quality between traditionally and alternatively certified teachers.

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Student article analysis routes to

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Student Article Analysis Routes to Remembering: the Brains Behind Superior Memory The focus of this experimental study was to determine what causes select individuals to have superior memory capabilities when compared to the others of the general population.

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