Swot topshop in hongkong

The revenue gain is deceptively low due to exchange rate effects and below-target growth in Hong Kong and Taiwan amid sluggish economic conditions. Three main factors underpin our strong performance. First, customers fully appreciate the UNIQLO brand and LifeWear concept, thanks to effective digital marketing, including blogs and other social media.

Swot topshop in hongkong

Meeting the challenges of the children's wear market By just-style. These were just some of the findings presented by an eminent line-up of speakers at the latest ASBCI seminar entitled 'The Childrenswear Challenge - responding to a growing market.

Swot topshop in hongkong

According to Kantar's strategic insight director Ian Mitchell, the weak pound may continue to push up average prices into but it is still too early to say how this will impact consumer spend. Kantar predicts that dedicated children's and other specialist retailers, as exemplified in the demise of Adams, will continue to struggle especially as children after the 13 years "tipping point" reject "mini-me" children's wear in preference for adult fashion.

Health statistics don't relate to clothing sizes Indeed, "children are not Swot topshop in hongkong for long," confirmed sizing, shape and fit guru, Ed Gribbin, president of Alvainsight, a division of Alvanon Inc.

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He has identified a dramatic change in the buying behaviour of the "tween" segment as children as young as eight, nine, ten and 11 have adopted the sophisticated buying preferences of their 12 and 13 year-old predecessors. Using statistical evidence from recent sizing surveys he went on to explain: In part this overreaction is the result of larger children not wanting to wear children's clothing, therefore, offering children's clothes in larger sizes, except school uniforms, may not be helpful.

My advice to retailers is to look beyond the top-level health numbers for an interpretation of trends that are relevant to their particular business. Finally he concluded, crucial to the success of any sizing strategy is consistency: Although boys buy fewer clothes, their purchases are influenced by such celebrities as David Beckham, Matt Smith and Daniel Craig.

In addition to making sure designs are age appropriate, this limits the risk of exposure to hazards by routinely looking for design and manufacturing defects which would both result in a total product recall ; lapsed manufacturing standards metal contamination systems and processes not working properly or infestations of the production environment ; and by assessing what the garment will be "forseeably" and "unforeseeably" used for.

Indeed he believes that recognising hazards is one of the biggest challenges facing clothing suppliers, especially as the advent of the European REACH regulation has made the awareness and management of chemicals within products a key issue. In an ideal world he said: Documenting this process is crucial and many suppliers have lost lose their cases because they failed to produce the necessary risk assessment documentation.

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He urged delegates to always investigate the "local quirks" of overseas retail markets and distinguish between local standards and legal requirements for a specific product type.

There may also be cost implications due to additional certification for new markets. So plan and leave enough time so that entry is as least traumatic as possible. David Bell, managing director of Assyst Bullmer's Human Solutionsshowed how children's wear suppliers can move towards a global standard in sizing with its new innovation 'iSize', an on-line sizing information database.

The iSize database comprises data derived from international 3-D body scanning surveys, creating a global geography of morphology. Companies can use iSize to generate their own size charts for their target consumers and countries.

This sizing information can then be linked directly to their CAD grading software. Most children are "digital natives," having been brought up in an online age.

It's about creating a communication environment between you and the consumer. He urged companies to follow the Asos example, open a dialogue with their customers and develop "digital personalities" that 'people' want to deal with.

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It is a way of evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect something. See WikiWealth's SWOT tutorial for help. Remember, vote up the most important comments.

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ABOUT VICKY; TOTAL BRAND THINKING for a moment. For every product or idea in the world, there are others doing the same thing. So why do people shop in Topshop rather than H&M?

Why do some people shop in H&M rather than Topshop? How to do SWOT. Jan 17,  · swot analysis for Gap (clothing stores)? I am looking for strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities for GAP.

Recommendations for the future. Any ideas I am doing a whole strategic plan and kinda stuck on the swot analaysisStatus: Resolved. Genting Hong Kong Limited SWOT Analysis adam May 31, Transportation No Comments Genting Hong kong Ltd is a stock exchange listed company at both Hong Kong and Singapore.

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