Yahoo inc overview of its business

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Yahoo inc overview of its business

Microsoft attempted acquisition of Yahoo was through hostile takeover or through outright purchase Asay ; Pimental, Despite Microsoft huge excessive liquidity, the company was unable to meet its immediate short-term obligation of acquiring Yahoo. Explicitly show maybe, how desperate Microsoft was in trying to acquire Yahoo; the company had sought to use debt to finance this transaction.

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Without schism, this case study analysis will not be about Microsoft hodgepodge of businesses but obviously, it is about Yahoo. Palpable kernel to this foreground analysis is what propelled or prompted Microsoft attempted acquisition of Yahoo through hostile takeover.

Economically and strategically, Yahoo was positioned serendipitously to maximizing profit through online advertisement. Not surprising therefore, that Microsoft wanted to acquire Yahoo. This sanguine discussion starts with the background of Yahoo and the analysis of the remarkable feat accomplished by the company will follow.

Jerry and David started Yahoo as hobby while working on their doctoral dissertation at Harvard Business School. Understanding the power of internet through the use of TSH, the founders ascended to fragmenting informational materials into categories.

The reason why the founders decided to fragment or breakdown information was due to the clustering, clogging and complexities and difficulties involved in finding information within then popularized internet in the s Donegan, From initial exotic to ubiquitous, the United States government in the early s fully released the internet for commercial use during this period.

Finding information on the ever- expanding World Wide Web was increasingly complex and difficult. Search processes required tedious and time-consuming on the part of the end users.

When categories became too full, subcategories were developed, and more subcategories followed.

Yahoo inc overview of its business

Yahoo conceptualized from proposal to fruition using the creativity of this novel idea of subcategories Eisenhardt and Sull, Yahoo is a major top internet portal Donegan, Yahoo generates an astounding numbers of subscribers on a daily basis with over million visitors.

Yahoo was regarded as one of the major viable competitor in the digital era. Comparably, Yahoo intangibles, intrinsic and sales have exceeded the sales of Walt Disney Company Eisenhardt and Sull, Magnificently, Yahoo was a leading search engine site during the late s.

With TSH, subscribers and visitors now frequently use Yahoo search engine due to innovations, inventions, and subcategories search methodologies. For instance, rather than use complex software based algorithmic search solutions that were initially used by competitor Excite, Yahoo uses human web-surfers to read, assess and categorize website characteristics Rindova and Kotha, Rationally expected, the students-turned-entrepreneurs who invented Yahoo attracted lore venture capitalists.

With accessible venture capital funding, Filo and Yang were former board of directors and the chief executive officers.Uber, trying to move beyond its unprofitable business of connecting drivers with passengers, is adding a new tractor-trailer rental business to help big-rig truckers haul freight.

But Yahoo! refused many attempts by Microsoft to take control of its business. Today Yahoo! employs more than 13, employees and owns more than fifty web properties.

It has become a well established company that can challenge Google for the number one spot in the web portal business. Yahoo was founded in by Stanford University graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo. Yahoo provides internet services around the world, including search engine, web portal, Yahoo mail, directory services and more.

The company was incorporated in and went public in April (YHOO on the NASDAQ). Yahoo is headquartered . Yahoo! is an Internet portal that incorporates a search engine and a directory of World Wide Web sites organized in a hierarchy of topic categories.

As a directory, it provides both new and seasoned Web users the reassurance of a structured view of hundreds of .

Yahoo inc overview of its business

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