Youth gang prevention

According to Kids Play USA Foundationadolescents who don't have adult supervision at least three days a week are twice as likely to hang out with gang members and three times as likely to be engaged in criminal behavior. Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA supports sport organizations that target at-risk youth in under-resourced communities, using sport as a tool for social and community cohesion. There are two ways we can address youth violence and crimes:

Youth gang prevention

Teens on Target TNT At Teens on Target, students from Oakland neighborhoods most affected by violence learn to honor their own stories, to use their experience to make change. They learn to speak to the media and to city leaders. They are taught a youth-authored, comprehensive, six-session violence prevention curriculum, which they then present, in Youth gang prevention form of workshops, to middle school students across the city.

Everything we do today at Teens on Target, from the Youth gang prevention of youth leaders and peer violence prevention educators we train each winter to the hundreds of middle school students those young educators reach each spring, began with a group of Castlemont High School students who wanted to make a difference.

They understood the violence and the pain from the inside. Their stories needed to be heard, their wisdom shared. TNT became their outlet and their cause.

Gang Alternatives Program (GAP)

Those students developed the TNT violence prevention curriculum as a way of creating a discussion on violence, its causes and prevention. Learn more about TNT and read stories from our participants.

Interested in starting your own youth violence prevention program? Download the Teens on Target Program Manual. It saved my life. And now I want to do the same for my friends and my community.

To push for solutions to the violence, we raise the voices of those affected by violence. We advocate for sensible policies that reduce gun, gang, family and dating violence. Our staff and our TNT youth leaders work with city, state and federal leaders to design and pass laws that encourage safety, such as the state ban on assault weapons and the successful campaign to stop the Oakland Tribune from printing ads for guns.

We rely on individual donations to keep our doors open and our programs running. Your gift is vital to our success. She takes me to all my court dates. I never told her but I look at her like a second mom. Teens on Target is a lifesaving program for youth today, they are eagerly awaiting the next lesson and talking about the personal changes they will be making in their lives!

She was the first person I actually talked to who believed my PTSD was real, that my feelings were real. Ray helped me get the joy in life back. Before TNT, my grades were slipping, I had no direction, or passion.

The program pushed me to do more for the community and to set goals for myself. Changes to improve our lives. What we can give is an informed picture about our lives that no one else can see.

We need to become visible. They stand by your bed and make a plan to go get the guy who put you in here to show how much they respect you. I never had hope before.

The hospitals and the police come in after violence has occurred. We are committed to helping our community find hope that renews and restores spiritual, physical, mental and emotional balance. We partner with others in the movement so that our work has real life effect at the neighborhood level.

Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own. We attempt to meet people without bias or judgment. We aspire to represent the diversity of our community.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Relentlessness Not only will we do what we say we will do, we will not stop until we achieve our goal, no matter the barriers. We are consistent in our commitment to provide services from beginning to end.A grass-roots initiative such as this youth gang prevention plan requires the support of the community for success.

This is a first key step in any community plan, although community mobilization can also be an ongoing process. You may also determine that. The Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative section of the OJJDP site provides access to OJJDP research and resources related to youth gangs and the prevention of youth gang activity.


Youth gang prevention

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Youth gang prevention

Reducing Youth Gang Violence: The Little Village Gang Project in Chicago (Violence Prevention and Policy). Abstract Page i Abstract The current study sought to document the nature and extent of youth gang involvement in Indian Country, including prevention, intervention, and suppression strategies developed by.

Indeed, providing employment opportunities to youth at-risk of becoming involved in gang violence has been shown to decrease gang-related criminal activity among participants of a violence reduction program, in Chicago, called the Gang Violence Reduction Program (Spergel, n.d.).

The Youth Gang Prevention: Toolkit for Community Planning and the Youth Gang Prevention: Quick Start Guide for Community Action assist service providers, community leaders, and others working to prevent youth from becoming involved in gangs or helping them leave gangs.

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